Regular Telescope Setup

M81 M82 Ngc3077 Findingchart

The following telescope setup has been built to do regular astrophotography in a portable environment. Well, it should be easily transportable to be used away from the light dome of the city.

Telescope:TS-Optics PhotoLine 60 mm f/6 FPL53 Apo
Field Flattener:TS-Optics PhotoLine 1.0x Flattener TSFLAT60
Guide Scope:ARTESKY 60mm f4
Mount:ZWO AM5 Harmonic Equatorial Mount
Imaging CameraZWO ASI2600MC Pro (6248 x 4176 at 3.76µm)
Guide CameraZWO ASI178MM (3096 x 2080 at 2.4µm)
Focuser:ZWO EAF
Filter Wheel:ZWO EFW
Pixel Resolution:2.1” (the field flattener provides 1.03x)
Field of View:3.64° x 2.43°

Because of a limited view towards north and bright city lights the following 1st light of M81, M82, NGC3077 and several smaller galaxies has been created from 30 second subframes.
The image has been edited by Hans Braun (go to his Telescopius page) using PixInsight.