Portable SkyGuider Setup

Lagun Trifid Findingchart

In contrast to the regular telescope this setup is really extremely portable but a bit limited.
No cooling, amp glow and no guiding limits the exposure time to around 30s to 60s.
For RGB images that is often enough because of the fast optics used and the fact that the noise generated by the sky brightness is significantly higher than the low read out noise of the ASI178MC (1.5 e-rms at gain 180).

Telescope:Samyang Lens 85mm f1.4
Imaging Camera:ZWO ASI178MC ( 3096 x 2080 at 2.4µm)
Mount:iOptron SkyGuider Pro
Computing:ZWO ASIAIR
Pixel Resolution:5.82”
Field of View5.01° x 3.36°

The Lagun and Trifid nebula was the 1st target to check the wide field capabilities of the setup. Numerous 30 second subframes where combined and edited by Hans Braun (got to his Telescopius page) using PixInsight.