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Home Software (Windows & Mac OSX) Audio Compressor & Limiter

Audio Compressor & Limiter

Download the JAVA-Application (version 0.6 - 17/03/2010) (16kByte) which works for Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you don't have the JRE (JAVA Runtime Environment) installed then you'll get it here:

Real Time / Live Audio Compressor & Brickwall Limiter:
The program takes audio data from a selected input sound device/mixer applies compression as well as brick wall limiting and sends the processed data to the chosen output sound device/mixer.
All parameters (except the selected sound device/mixer) can be changed during runtime.
The program uses 64Bit double precision signal processing and samples the audio material with 16Bit resolution and 44.1kHz sampling frequency.


GUI Elements

File Menu:
1.) Load: Loads the configuration data
2.) Save: Saves all compressor and limiter parameter (configuration data)
3.) Exit: Leaves the program

Info Menu:
Links to the on hand web page:

Starts and stops the audio signal processing.

If bypass is activated then the audio signal passes untouched.

Compressor Input Gain:
Adapts the input signal level for the compressor stage. There is normally no need to use that control as long as the input signal is correctly leveled.

Sets the level from where the signal gets compressed by applying attenuation defined by the ratio.

Compression factor (1:1 - 10:1).

The attack time range goes from 0 - 30ms to allow transients to pass the compressor without getting attenuated.

The time the compressor takes to go back to a gain value of one (0 - 2s).

Gain Reduction:
The indicator shows the amount of gain reduction for the chosen threshold and ratio.

Make Up Gain:
Compensates the gain reduction caused by the compression process and defines the input level for the limiter.

Limiter Threshold:
The maximum allowed signal level. It is good practice to choose at least -0.1dB instead of 0dB to provide some head room for later audio compression (MP3, AAC, etc.).

Limiter Release:
The time the limiter takes to go back to a gain value of one (0 - 1s).

Limiter Gain Reduction:
The indicator shows the amount of gain reduction applied to keep the signal level below the selected threshold.


Disclaimer and License:
This Software is provided "as-is", without any express or implied warranty.
In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.
Permission is granted to anyone to use this software except for commercial use.
Please contact me (Stephan Hotto) if there is a wish for a commercial implementation.